Welcome. This is my personal blog, and has several categories of posts: drug development, biology, and startups/entrepreneurship.

Please note: I’m transitioning from this website to Substack and Medium, so my newest posts will mostly be posted at richardchin.substack.com and medium.com/@richardychin

Drug Development

The posts on drug development grouped under “Drug Development” tab in the navigation bar above.

The popular presentation on top ten cognitive optical illusions in clinical research are below. You can also download a powerpoint version or a pdf version. Below it are videos on clinical trial design/research. You are welcome to use or distribute the presentation, with appropriate attribution.

For those of you who are interested in the cognitive optical illusions, please read “Small Sample Size Paradox” under Drug Development -> Paradoxes.  It is an important illusion that I haven’t incorporated into the slideset yet.

If you’re involved in clinical research, you might find the “Reducing Sample Size” post helpful.  It is a list of techniques used to reduce sample sizes of clinical trials.  “Why Clinical Trials Fail” is a post on the most common causes of negative clinical trial results.

If you’re interested in drug productivity, I have some posts on my personal thoughts regarding drug development productivity under the Drug Development -> Productivity tab. Of note, the post, “Whence the Low Productivity” has a couple of graphs on pesticide industry productivity that I think serves as an interesting comparator to drug development productivity.

Under the “Textbooks” tab above is a list of my textbooks.


Another section of the site is the “A New Look at Biology” section with my observations on biology, especially orthogonal, unconventional, or paradoxical observations. A recent interest of mine is aging research, so you will find some posts on that topic as well.


The newest part of the site is “Managing Startups” where I post observations about being an entrepreneur, taking a startup from a standing start to a public company, and some lessons in management I’ve learned.

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  1. Thanks for following Chemiotics II. You might look at the series of posts in the category — https://luysii.wordpress.com/category/aargh-big-pharma-sheds-chemists-why/ — granted that the name is not intuitive, the category contains 28 posts on why drug development is hard — mostly because of the underlying molecular biology. There are now more than 28 posts, but it got to be so depressing that I stopped counting, Here’s the 28th — https://luysii.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/why-drug-discovery-is-so-hard-particularly-in-the-brain-reason-28-the-brain-processes-its-introns-very-differently/

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