About Me

About me

I’m the founder and CEO of Kindred Bio (NASDAQ:KIN), a biotech company that is developing therapeutics for pets. Previously, I was the CEO of the first U.S. nonprofit drug development company, OneWorld Health, which was acquired by PATH in December of 2011, CEO of Oxigene (NASDAQ:OXGN), and Head of Global Development for Elan. Before that, I held various clinical roles at Genentech, including Head of Clinical Research for the Biotherapeutics Unit, overseeing approximately half of products at Genentech. I am also an Associate Professor at UCSF School of Medicine, where I teach drug development to students, fellows, and junior faculty.

I am a physician by training (Harvard Medical School, Barnes Hospital), and a lawyer by training as well (albeit in British law, at Oxford, under a Rhodes Scholarship). In 2006, BusinessWeek named me as one of 99 youngest public company CEOs in the United States.

I have a lot of experience in drug development, including dozens of INDs and numerous NDA/BLA/MAA/etc. Some of my previous projects include semisynthetic artemisinin, Xolair, Lucentis, Tysabri, TNKase, Raptiva, Cathflo, Prialt, Rituxan in immunological diseases, Hedgehog antagonist, Protropin, Nutropin, Pulmozyme, Azactam, Maxipime, and anti-beta amyloid antibody, among others. Drugs I’ve developed have current aggregate sales of well over $10 billion per year.

About this blog

My main domain of expertise is clinical and regulatory development. However, while I was running OneWorld Health, drug development productivity became my primary interest because when you’re developing drugs for patients earning 50 cents a day, you need to figure out how to be a more efficient drug developer. This blog reflects these interests.

Contact Information

You can contact me at richard.chin@clinicaltrialist.com

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  1. Loved the information on ‘why clinical trials fail’ – very informative and clear – helped me out with my medical research homework.

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